Jobs + Housing + Roads

San Benito County is a great place to live. But our families face three major challenges: The lack of good-paying local jobs, the high cost of housing, and crowded, substandard roads.


These issues are closely linked and interdependent. For instance, the shortage of local jobs is a major contributor to highway congestion as the vast majority of us commute out of the county to work.


The current Board of Supervisors made an important investment in recruiting new jobs by allocating $100,000 to the county Economic Development Corp. Supervisors now must monitor the EDC and hold it accountable for results.


Supervisors must create the underpinnings of success by doing the work government should be doing: providing roads and public works infrastructure, and high-speed broadband that are business essentials in today’s world.


Let’s stop the revolving door of department heads and support staff. I will lead the creation of a culture that evaluates projects on their potential value to the county and not on personal whim.



Let’s talk about development. When it comes to housing our greatest need is clearly homes for firefighters, teachers, and others in our workforce.


As Supervisor, I will be looking for projects that are balanced and include “attainable” housing for the men and women that protect us, teach our children, and spend their hard-earned dollars in the stores, restaurants and businesses that are the core of our local economy.


Our county roads are substandard. Years of inadequate funding for road improvements has resulted in pot-holed streets that rattle our cars and fray our nerves. 

I have been a leading advocate for road improvements, making frequent appearances before the Council of Governments (COG), the body that controls transportation funding.

Putting words into action, I served on the Campaign Committee for Measure G to raise money to fix our roads. Voters passed the initiative with 70 percent approval.

Money is only part of the solution. We need leadership to push the roads to become a front-burner issue for the Board of Supervisors. 

And we need leaders that will stand up to Caltrans and insist that the state make highway improvements that we need and demand that our county get the same treatment and respect as neighboring counties.

Leadership is finding solutions to our challenges with openness and collaboration, while being diligent about using public resources responsibly and being accountable for the results.


In Addition to Roads, Jobs and Housing

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