Accomplishments since COVID...the work continues.


Currently negotiating a Letter of Intent to implement a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) between the Strada Verde developer and the Santa Clara and San Benito Counties Building Trades Council. 


This agreement will ensure jobs at the Innovation Park are high-paying and include local hire goals.


Received notice that after years of advocacy, work will begin to replace the deteriorating Carr Ave bridge.


As a leader on the Measure G committee that raised resources for road and highway repairs and improvements, I am especially happy the work is funded by Measure G.


As a leader of the SJB Rotary's Access Committee, I wrote a grant (late July 2020) to expand WiFi to rural students who do not have Internet connectivity. 

A federal CARES Act grant, administered by the Community Foundation of SB County & United Way, was awarded ($22,351).


Affordable Housing

Formed an expert panel of affordable housing policy, construction, and financing experts to create a white paper outlining a detailed plan to increase the percentage of affordable housing in San Benito County through the creation of the San Benito County Housing Trust.


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